Sunday, June 21, 2009

Walrus Takeover

This is a picture I put together on Photoshop. If you've ever clung stubbornly to the suspicion that walruses are trying to take over the world, even as others laughed at you and said you were crazy... well, now you have your proof.

Random Doodles

Drawings like this are fairly typical for me. Yes, I'm seeking psychiatric help.

Werewolf Doodles

Never date a werewolf.

For more information, read the book, "1001 Reasons to Never Date a Werewolf... Ever".

This is what would happen if you got married to a werewolf. Be warned.

The one way to kill a werewolf is with silver. So, if a werewolf tries to eat you, offer him a fork.

Owl Doodles

A couple of owl sketches I drew up for a graduation. I think they turned out okay.

Monkey Doodles

Monkeys are fun to draw.

Frying Pan in the Head

Here's my character, Carl the Coffee Cup, bashing someone's head in with a frying pan.

Hey, we could all use that now and again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Good Earth

The Earth looks angry. Probably for good reason.

Parasites of the Round Table

This is my cast of characters for the cartoon "Parasites of the Round Table". From left to right there's Princess Pillbug, Sir Mosquito, Sting Arthur, Sir Gnat and Mothlin. I'd someday like to make an animated series about them.


This is a digital sketch of my character, Harvey Johnson. I'm not sure what's supposed to be going on here, but it looks like he's watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something.

DeviantArt Just Got Zanier

Yes, folks, I am now on DeviantArt. All of the images I post here on my blog will also be available on my DeviantArt gallery. If you enjoy drawings like the one above, be sure to check it out. If you don't... do it anyway.

Staring Contest

Two of my comic strip characters - Carl the Coffee Cup and Harvey Johnson - locked in a staring contest.

Carl's winning.

Carl the Coffee Cup

This is the lead character of my comic strip, "Carl the Coffee Cup". If you can't tell from the drawing, he's a bit of a cynic.